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Baits status

Baits status is IN, LOW (not much left), OUT, or the date we expect it in.

Bait status as of 12/19/14 8:00AM.

Information about Fishing Live Bait click here

Saltwater Baits Status
Live eels OUT
Bloodworms Next Spring
Salted Clams IN
VP Frozen Clams OUT
Spearing OUT
VP Frozen Bunker IN
Squid box IN
Large Squid Hoods OUT
Atlantic Herring OUT
River Herring CLOSED
Freshwater Baits Status
Large Shiners OUT
Medium Shiners IN
Fathead Minnows LOW
Frozen Shiners IN
Crayfish Next Year
Night Crawlers IN
Baby Night Crawlers LOW
Garden/Trout Worms IN
Gold Meal Worms IN
Red Meal Worms OUT
Wax Worms Winter
Butterworms Next Year
Chicken Livers LOW
Frozen Eels OUT
Packaged Baits IN

Store Hours

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Tuesday 8:00-6:00
Wednesday 8:00-6:00
Thursday 8:00-6:00
Friday 8:00-6:00
Saturday 7:00-6:00
Sunday 7:00-4:00

Winter Hours Nov-March:
Tuesday 9:00-6:00
Wednesday 9:00-6:00
Thursday 9:00-6:00
Friday 9:00-6:00
Saturday 9:00-6:00
Sunday 9:00-4:00