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Saltwater & Jetty

The saltwater fishing reports covers surf (IBSP and LBI mostly), jetty, and boats. Boats includes party boats, charters, and private boats.


The bay fishing report covers the Absecon Bay area, Great Bay, Tuckerton Bay, Barnegat Bay, and sometimes Raritan Bay. It also includes crabbing reports as well.


Our fresh water reports come from lakes, ponds, and streams. Of course we also at times get reports from other places as well. Most of our reports come from Town Center, Lake Mercer, Miry Run Lake (tech pond), Gropps Lake, Rosedale Lake, Delaware River, the Assunpink Creek, Lake Assunpink, Rising Sun, and Stone Tavern just to name a few. To see the location of these lakes you can use our lake locations web page
Lake Locations.

Fisherman Fred's LLC News
UPDATE 4/20/2016

Well it is almost time to renew the website and I do not know if I will be doing that or not. If the website is gone in early May you will know why. I will be keeping the Facebook site going for now. I really do not want to close it down but sometimes you just have to let go. We will see so keep an eye on what is going on

Thank you and tight lines,

New Jersey Fishing Reports

Surf/Boat Fishing Reports Bay Fishing Reports Freshwater Fishing Reports

Our New Jersey fishing reports come from all who fish the waters of NJ. We are looking for reliable information. We don't need the exact location that could threaten your favorite spot. When sending us a report include about locations, water conditions, and stage of tide (saltwater). It makes the posting of information meaningful. We believe in giving our customers an honest fishing report. Please use the below links to send us your positive or negative reports with honest information:

Submit Fishing Report ROD and REEL REPAIR

NJ Saltwater registry

2016 NJ Saltwater Recreational Regulations

2015 NJ Saltwater Recreational Regulations
Striped Bass: 1 fish at 28 inches to less than 43 inches 1 fish at 43 inches or greater
Atlantic Ocean 0-3 miles from shore, no closed season, Greater than 3 miles from shore, closed
Del. River and tribs. Calhoun St. Bridge, Trenton to Salem River and tribs. Open Mar. 1 to Mar. 31, June 1 to Dec. 31
All other marine waters, open Mar. 1 to Dec. 31
Winter flounder: March 1 to Dec. 31 2 fish @ 12 inch
Fluke:May 21 to Sept. 25 5 fish @ 18 inch, Delaware Bay 4 fish @ 17 inches, IBSP 2 fish @ 16 inches.
Sea Bass: May 23 to June 19 10 fish @ 12.5 inch July 1 to Aug. 31 2 fish @ 12.5 inch Oct. 22 to Dec. 31 15 fish @ 13 inch
Blackfish/Tautog: Jan. 1 to Feb. 28 4 fish @ 15 inch Apr. 1 to Apr. 30 4 fish @ 15 inch Jul. 17 to Nov. 15 1 fish @ 15 inch Nov. 16 to Dec. 31 6 fish @ 15 inch

Well it is almost time to renew the website and I do not know if I will be doing that or not. If the website is gone in early May you will know why. I will be keeping the Facebook site going for now. I really do not want to close it down but sometimes you just have to let go. We will see so keep an eye on what is going on

Surf, Boat, & Jetty Report:


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Water temp this sunny air temp 53 wind N 16-20 morning is 53.4. Well yesterday got off on the wrong foot with some rain in the morning. A bunch out fishing now as it is warmer and fishing are starting to show up in better number and bigger as well. Bluefish have shown up in the surf along with keeper and short stripers, and drum. Blues have been on mullet and bunker chunks, stripers on bloodworms, clams, bunker chunks and plugs, and the drum are on clams. It is funny that drum are being caught off the surf but I have not had any reports good or bad from Delaware Bay yet. Looks like it is time you got your butt out there fishing now as it seems the spring run has started.

Party boats are doing really good with tog right now with almost everybody getting limits. Some party boats are starting to look for bluefish as they have shown up. Private boaters are still mostly fishing the bays but some are now going outside looking for stripers and blues.

Water temp this sunny air temp 51 wind NNW 14-20 morning is 52.5. Looks like all but Friday is going to be good for fishing. A lot of beaches are producing short stripers now on clams and bloodworms. I have heard of only a few keeper sized stripers being caught from the surf so far. Most are using bloodworms or clams but some of the shorts are being caught on plugs. There has been word that some bluefish are showing up in the inlets lately. Mullet has been the bait of choice for them. The southern beaches are producing some catches of drum on clams as well. Other then that nothing going on. The wind has kept some from fishing lately as well. Don't worry it is only going to get better.

Fish and Game is doing their job. In March they caught a charter boat who said all they caught were bergalls but found 154 sea bass, tog, and scup fillets in a hidden compartment on the boat. Of course they got written up and lost in court and had to pay fines of $3000. Party boats are out fishing tog and will until the season closes at midnight on April 30. Some nice sized tog in the 7 to 10 lb range are being caught. Most are getting limits now as well. Not hearing much of any boaters out fishing stripers in the ocean yet as they have been fishing the bays still. I am sure that fishing will be heating up soon as well.

Water temp this sunny air temp 44 wind ESE 5-10 morning is 50.2. Looks like it is going to be a great weekend to be fishing. Don't forget it will be a bit cooler on the beaches as the water temp will keep the air temp down, so dress a bit warmer. The winds have made it kinda hard to fish but people have been out there. As for the fishing, some blues are starting to show up now along with some drum. As for the stripers from the beaches they are still shorts in the 12 to 22 inch range, however now I am starting to get a few reports of some keepers in the 28 to 35 inch range from the beaches. Bloodworms and clams for the stripers, mullet for blues, and clams for the drum. So there is more types of fish to be fishing for now. So why are you not fishing?

Party boats are on the tog. Most reports say they are doing really good with them. Double headers and some really good sized ones too. A few reports that private boats are getting stripers and some bluefish now. Looks like it is time to get out there.

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Bay Report:

Well the bays are being invaded by those yellow eyed devils (bluefish for those of you who didn't know). The bays have slowed some for stripers but they are still being caught on bloodworms, bunker chunks and plugs. I also had word of some weakfish and summer flounder/fluke being caught as well. I was told the fluke are small but it is a bit early for them. So maybe it is a good sign that it will be a good ear for them. Remember that season doesn't open until May 21.

Bays are still producing a lot of stripers in the 30 to 40+ inch range. A lot of the bigger ones are being caught by boaters but bank fishermen are doing pretty good as well. Delaware and Raritan bays are the best bet but Great Bay, the Mullica River, Barnegat Bay, Oyster Creek are producing stripers as well. Bloodworms, bunker chunk (starting to work), and plugs are all working now. White perch fishing is also doing really good now. Bloodworms is the way to go there. No word lately on any winter flounder. Maybe they moved out of the bays already or people are just fishing for stripers now.

Delaware and Raritan bays have been the places to be fishing for stripers. fish up to 45+ inches have been caught. Other places such as Great Bay, the Mullica River, and Barnegat Bay are producing stripers as well but you need to work for them a bit more. Bloodworms, chunked bunker, clams, and plugs are all producing fish. So far it is looking like a pretty good year. Weekend weather is looking good so there should be a lot out fishing. Also a bunch of perch being caught. I did hear of a few out crabbing but it is still slow but it is slowly getting better.

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Fresh Water Report:

2016 NJ Freshwater Fishing Regulations Summary (except trout)
2016 Trout Regulations Summary
Fishing Live Bait

Delaware River striper has slow a bit except around Trenton. Plugs is what most are using now but bloodworms and chunked bunker is working as well. Other spots on the river are producing catches of perch, bass and some catfish. Other places it is trout, bass, pickerel, crappie, perch, sunnies, and some catfish.

With all this nice weather people have been fishing and the fish are coming to life now. Only bad thing is that some places are starting to run a bit low as we have not had any rain lately but Fridays rain should take care of that. Lots of places on the Delaware River are now producing stripers. Trenton is now producing some nice sized stripers on bunker chunks, bloodworms and plugs. Also bass both large and small mouth, pickerel, perch, walleye and catfish being caught from the river as well. As for other lakes, streams, and ponds, it has been bass, crappie, pickerel, perch, sunnies, and catfish. Trout fishing is going good with the Delaware Canal and the South Branch being the best places to be fishing. Wax, butter, meal worms, baby night crawlers, and Power bait has been the bait of choice.

Wow where do I start. Delaware River from Trenton all the way to the bay is producing stripers now. Most are smaller ones in the 15 to 25 inch range but there are also a bunch of 28 to 45 inchers being caught as well. Seems the bigger fish are being caught on bloodworms and bunker chucks. Most of the smaller ones up to 30 inches are hitting poppers, swimming plugs, and plastic shads. Remember that you can not keep stripers on the NJ side of the river below the Calhoun Street bridge until June 1. Also being caught out of the Delaware is perch, shad above Trenton, walleye, a few bass, and some nice sized catfish. As for the people fishing trout it is doing good with some getting limits. Once again the Delaware Canal seems like the place to be but the south branch is also doing really good as well. Other places are producing catches of trout as well but you have to work for them. Live bait is the ticket with spinners and Power Bait a close second. Bass, crappie, pickerel, perch, sunnys, and some catfish are being caught out of the local lakes, ponds, and streams.

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