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Saltwater & Jetty

The saltwater fishing reports covers surf (IBSP and LBI mostly), jetty, and boats. Boats includes party boats, charters, and private boats.


The bay fishing report covers the Absecon Bay area, Great Bay, Tuckerton Bay, Barnegat Bay, and sometimes Raritan Bay. It also includes crabbing reports as well.


Our fresh water reports come from local lakes, ponds, and streams from around the store. Of course we also at times get reports from other places as well. Most of our reports come from Town Center, Lake Mercer, Miry Run Lake (tech pond), Gropps Lake, Rosedale Lake, Delaware River, the Assunpink Creek, Lake Assunpink, Rising Sun, and Stone Tavern just to name a few. To see the location of these lakes you can use our lake locations web page
Lake Locations.


It is with a heavy heart that I have to tell everybody that our mascot, Miry the Crayfish has passed away. Crayfish live for 2 to 3 years and I had Miry for 3 years. So now we need to get another Miry or get some thing else as the mascot. Email me what you think it should be and maybe if we take your idea we will give you some thing. The fall striper run so far this year has been ok but not great. We have been selling a good amount of bait and lures for it. If you didn't know we do carry some saltwater baits, such as vacuum packed bunker and salted clams. For more information see our bait status web page. The link is at the top of the all web pages. Once the season is over don't forget we do rod and reel repairs. We are also going to be starting up our rod building classes after the up coming holidays are over. So check back to see what is going on here at Fisherman Fred's.

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We are right near the intersection of Flock and Sloan. We are between the PNC Bank and the Goodyear Tire store. If you do have a problem finding us please call us at 609-570-8035 for directions


New Jersey Fishing Reports

Surf/Boat Fishing Reports Bay Fishing Reports Freshwater Fishing Reports

Our New Jersey fishing reports come from all who fish the waters of NJ. We are looking for reliable information. We don't need the exact location that could threaten your favorite spot. When sending us a report include about locations, water conditions, and stage of tide (saltwater). It makes the posting of information meaningful. We believe in giving our customers an honest fishing report. Please use the below links to send us your positive or negative reports with honest information:

Submit Surf/Boat/Jetty Report Submit Bay Report Submit Freshwater Report

If in the hustle and bustle of everyday business, we sometimes fail to slow down long enough to personally say thank you, please know that your patronage is never taken for granted. We would like to thank you from all of us at Fisherman Fred's LLC for giving us the opportunity to supply you with your fishing needs. Tight lines and we hope you hook that big one.

NJ Saltwater registry

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We will be starting the classes after the coming holiday season. Click the above link for more information as to when and what the class details.

We do rod and reel repairs.

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2014 NJ Saltwater Recreational Regulations
Winter flounder: March 23 to Dec. 31 12 inch at 2 fish limit
Sea Bass: May 19 to June 30 12.5 inch 15 fish, July 1 to Aug. 31 12.5 inch 3 fish, Sept. 1 to 6 12.5 inch 15 fish, Oct. 18 to Dec. 31 12.5 inch 15 fish
Blackfish/Tautog: April 1 to April 30 15 inch at 4 fish limit, July 17 to Nov. 15 15 inch at 1 fish limit, Nov. 16 to Dec. 31 15 inch at 6 fish limit

RFA Alerts
Fisherman Fred's RFA Alerts web page. Read important information about what is happening in the fishing world. Updates such as regulations, what is going on in Washington, and so on.

Surf, Boat, & Jetty Report:

Proposed Limits for 2015 Must Now Be Considered by Legislature

The New Jersey Marine Fisheries Council unanimously voted to support a two fish bag limit for striped bass beginning sometime in 2015, with one fish at 28 to less than 43 inches, and a second fish equal to or greater than 43 inches.

Yesterday's decision at the council's regular meeting in Galloway Township must now be picked up by New Jersey legislators, as any changes to striped bass regulations in the state must be made through Trenton by an act of law.

It is expected that both a Senate and Assembly bill will be adopted next week, with the appropriate committees in Trenton then responsible for reviewing, discussing and ultimately approving the change before it can be voted on by the full legislature.

The Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission (ASMFC) recently mandated a 25% or better reduction by all coastal states on striped bass harvest beginning in 2015, with ASMFC technical committee members approving New Jersey's proposal of one striper at less than 43 and one striper at 43 or greater as meeting that 25% reduction goal.

As for New Jersey's bonus striped bass program which utilizes the unused commercial quota of striped bass through a $2 tag system, the New Jersey Marine Fisheries Council also voted to convene their striped bass advisory committee to look at possible changes to the program.

I would have thought maybe just maybe with it being a bit of a nice day that someone would get there before the storm but the beaches were empty once again. It is that time of the year where at least the flea market circuit is in full swing now. That should take away some of that cabin fever. Party boats fishing tog didn't do to well yesterday even if it was calm out there. Most caught one while others had the skunk. Some cod and ling were also caught. Today they are staying at dock because of the storm and some may not even sail Sunday either. Best bet is to call ahead before you make the trip.

Not a bad day yesterday but of course the beaches are empty this time of year. Thirty six days until March 1 when the striper season opens in the bays and a few day after that it will be spring. So the question is, are you ready? Get those reel repairs and rod repairs in to us now before we are swamped. Party boats fishing tog did really good yesterday. Some boats had limits for everyone on board. White leggers and green crabs is the way to go. Also a few short cod were caught as well.

Well we got the snow but not bad this time. It only hit the grass and not the roads so much. Saturday could be a different story. Well nothing happening on the beaches but the bottom fishing boats are doing pretty good with tog. 2 to 4 fish and up to 10+lb tog are being caught. Also you can throw in a few cod and pollock as well.

So today we are suppose to get some of that four letter word, snow. It depends on who you listen to but it seems like 1 to 3 inches are what they are saying and it seems they are not really sure. Must be nice to have a job where you can be wrong all the time and not get fired. If it does snow call before you come because we will most likely close up early. Fluke fisherman see our Facebook page (link at the top of ever page) for a letter sent to the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission from the Jersey Coast Anglers Association. I think it is worth the read. As for fishing of course the beaches are empty or least I am not hearing anything at all lately. Bottom fishing party boats did pretty good with tog with high hooks of 3 but some did get the skunk. They also had a few cod and pollock as well..

Not much going on from the beaches and tomorrow the weather people are calling for some of that four letter word, snow. So far it is 1 to 3 inches but you know how that is and could change by the hour. Until I see it I won't believe how much we are getting. If it does snow check to see if we are still here. No sense hanging out when it is snowing and I want to get home before all the people get out of work and on the roads. Party boats that are bottom fishing are still getting good catches of tog. White leggers and green crabs is the ticket. Most are getting 2 to 3 tog. Pool winners was in the 8 to 11lb range yesterday.

Since today is a holiday we are open 8-4 if you are going fishing. Heavy rain kept everybody at home yesterday. Warmer today then it has been so who knows if anybody will be out on the beaches fishing. Don't forget you need to renew your NJ Saltwater registry for 2015. Even with the ocean being a little rough some party boats did sail for tog. High hooks was 2 to 3 fish with pool winners in the 8 to 10lb range.

I was told that some went out to the beaches yesterday to give it a shot. I didn't hear anything from anybody so I would assume that nothing was being caught or they went tight lip about it. Today is a wash because of the early morning ice and man was it nasty driving in this morning and now the rain. I would stay in myself and watch football if I didn't need to be here. Matter of fact if it keeps raining like this I might leave early myself, so from noon on please call before you come to make sure I am still here. 2015 Beach Buggy Permit are on sale at the gatehouse at IBSP. Don't forget you need to renew your NJ Saltwater registry for 2015.

For the bottom fishing boats that got out yesterday it was tough going. Early on was the best before a strong south current came up and closed down the fishing. Most only had 2 or 3 tog and some ling. In some spots 12 to 16 ozs was even good enough to hold. I don't think many if any sailed today in this weather.

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Bay Report:

Well that is it for the bay reports until March when the striper season opens.

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Fresh Water Report:

2015 NJ Freshwater Fishing Regulations Summary (except trout)
2015 Trout Regulations Summary

Not a bad day but no one out fishing that I know of. So that means no reports. We got that snow and it looks like depends on where you are is how much you got. Where i live it is about 2 inches while at the store it looks more like 4. We are here so if you are going fishing which I don't think anybody will, you can get your bait here.

Pretty nice day yesterday and a couple went out fishing but no reports. They didn't say if they were going to fish ice or some place that had open water. Looks like today is going to be good but late tonight it is going to snow and then change to rain all day Saturday. So today or Sunday looks like day to be fishing.

No one out fishing yesterday even if there was sunshine in the morning. Snow was bad but most likely no one fishing today either. No reports on how the ice is. I wish I had something to report or to at least tell you but I don't sorry.

Some out fishing but no reports on how the ice is or if anything was caught. Looks like the snow is starting this afternoon so we could close early so call before you come once it starts snowing.

A couple out trying to fish but I was told where they went the ice wasn't in good shape because of the rain. Please make sure the ice is safe before you try to fish on it. As for reports there wasn't any yesterday.

Heavy ran yesterday so no one fishing. Also I don't know what the rain did to the ice. If anybody is out fishing on this holiday please let me know how the ice is. As you can see we are open today because of the holiday even though we are closed on Mondays. We will be here from 8-4 today. We have now in stock medium and large shiners, fathead minnows, wax worms, mousie grubs, spikes, trout/garden worms, and baby night crawlers.

Reports came in from most lakes and ponds that have good ice on them. It was reports of pickerel, crappie, and a few bass being caught thru the ice. Shiners, fatheads, wax worms, mousie grubs, ans spikes were getting the job done. Looks like today is a wash because of the ice early this morning and now the rain that will keep people home along with the NFC and AFC Championship games being played today. I would say if it continues raining like this I could be out of here early today so after noon time call before coming.

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