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Saltwater & Jetty

The saltwater fishing reports covers surf (IBSP and LBI mostly), jetty, and boats. Boats includes party boats, charters, and private boats.


The bay fishing report covers the Absecon Bay area, Great Bay, Tuckerton Bay, Barnegat Bay, and sometimes Raritan Bay. It also includes crabbing reports as well.


Our fresh water reports come from lakes, ponds, and streams. Of course we also at times get reports from other places as well. Most of our reports come from Town Center, Lake Mercer, Miry Run Lake (tech pond), Gropps Lake, Rosedale Lake, Delaware River, the Assunpink Creek, Lake Assunpink, Rising Sun, and Stone Tavern just to name a few. To see the location of these lakes you can use our lake locations web page
Lake Locations.

Fisherman Fred's LLC News
UPDATE 10/21/2015

Well we have found a way to upload files to our server. So that means fishing reports are back. I need to cut back some on what I upload so there could be some cut backs on what is posted. If the reports are not posted here they will be posted on our Facebook page. We have already been posting there for awhile now and will continue to do so.

Thank you and tight lines,

New Jersey Fishing Reports

Surf/Boat Fishing Reports Bay Fishing Reports Freshwater Fishing Reports

Our New Jersey fishing reports come from all who fish the waters of NJ. We are looking for reliable information. We don't need the exact location that could threaten your favorite spot. When sending us a report include about locations, water conditions, and stage of tide (saltwater). It makes the posting of information meaningful. We believe in giving our customers an honest fishing report. Please use the below links to send us your positive or negative reports with honest information:

Submit Fishing Report ROD and REEL REPAIR

NJ Saltwater registry

2015 NJ Saltwater Recreational Regulations

2015 NJ Saltwater Recreational Regulations
Striped Bass: 1 fish at 28 inches to less than 43 inches 1 fish at 43 inches or greater
Atlantic Ocean 0-3 miles from shore, no closed season, Greater than 3 miles from shore, closed
Del. River and tribs. Calhoun St. Bridge, Trenton to Salem River and tribs. Open Mar. 1 to Mar. 31, June 1 to Dec. 31
All other marine waters, open Mar. 1 to Dec. 31
Winter flounder: March 1 to Dec. 31 2 fish @ 12 inch
Fluke:May 22 to Sept. 26 5 fish @ 18 inch
Sea Bass: May 27 to June 30 15 fish @ 12.5 inch July 1 to July 31 2 fish @ 12.5 inch Oct. 22 to Dec. 31 15 fish @ 12.5 inch
Blackfish/Tautog: Jan. 1 to Feb. 28 4 fish @ 15 inch Apr. 1 to Apr. 30 4 fish @ 15 inch Jul. 17 to Nov. 15 1 fish @ 15 inch Nov. 16 to Dec. 31 6 fish @ 15 inch

Surf, Boat, & Jetty Report:


10 foot 2-8ozs TC3 Dolphin new left over stock from store $100 or best offer.
My 12 foot 2-8ozs TC2 in great shape $75 or best offer
Will not ship as it is too costly. Email me and we can discuss.

I am sell the line winder I used at the store to put line on reels. Handles all spinning reels and up to size 30 conventional reels. I do not have the setup to do left handed baitcasters/conventionals. Triangle SC125 in like new condition also comes with nice wooden stand asking $600 or best offer.

Have 7 wall units 7foot tall, 3 double sided 6 foot tall, 4 end units 6foot tall. Must take all. $800 or best offer.

I am going to sale all of the tackle that was left when I closed the store. I do not have a list but there are some rods left, no reels, a bunch of fresh and salt lures, bucktails, hooks both snelled and non snelled lead, weights, and etc... I will not at this time sell anything by the piece you must take all. I am asking $1700 for it but offers are welcome. Don't low ball because I won't answer you. Send me an email or PM me. It has been listed on Craigslist. Thanks,

Looks like it is time to clean and lube those reels and fix those rods if they need it, If you are looking for some one to do those repairs here is who I would recommend since I do not have a shop any more:

Fishing Rod Repairs
Rick's Custom Fishing Rods
Rick Sikorski
Hamilton Square, NJ 08690
609-468-6741 (by appointment)

Fishing Reel Repairs
The Rod N' Reel Bench
Tom Tilton
River Road Ewing, NJ

Water temp this sunny air temp 29 but feels like 24 wind W 4-10 morning is 41.7. Well today is the big football day. It is Super Bowl Sunday. Who is going to win? Broncos or Panthers? We will see once the dust clears later tonight. As for the fishing world not much is really going on right now. Well the summer flounder/fluke regs are coming into play now as the ASMFC to allow for a New Jersey/Delaware Bay management region. That means no more tie in with NY and Conn. Now the NJMFC must vote to adopt it. This option will allow a 17 inch 4 fish bag limit with a 128 day season. NJ could have three different bag limits this and depends on where you are fishing. 4 fish at 17 inches in Delaware Bay, 2 fish at 16 inches on IBSP, and 5 fish at 18 inches every where else including the ocean. No seasons dates have been set or even made public as of yet. Black sea bass fishermen are not going to happy with the ASMFC. right now they want a 23% reduction in the catch for 2016 and it could be more once all the numbers are in for 2015. Let's hope the NJMFC doesn't comply with them but who knows what is going to happen.

Few party boats out fishing tog, pollack, and cod. Most are doing ok but some are getting the skunk. Limits are being caught by people who know what to do and how to do it.

Water temp this snowy going to be sunny later today air temp 33 but feels like 25 wind N 5-15 morning is 43.0. Not much going on in the fishing world right now. Reports just don't happen when no one is fishing. Flea markets and other types of shows can keep you going in the winter. When we had a shop we had rod building classes and that is a good side hobby to do in the winter. So now is the time to repair and clean those rods, reels, and tackle.

No reports from the party boats either the past couple of days. I know the Ocean Explorer is in for repairs, so that is one less boat fishing.

Water temp this mostly cloudy with some heavy rain coming later today air temp 47 but feels like 41 wind SE 5-15 morning is 41.7. The Atlantic City Boat Show opens today and runs February 3-7 at the Atlantic City Convention Center. Admission is $16 and kids 15 and under are free. Well Mr. Groundhog didn't see his shadow yesterday so that means an early spring. HAHAHA if you can believe an animal to predict the weather, then you must think that you will catch that 100lb striper from IBSP this year. We still have all of February and into March to get that snow storm. I didn't put this in the bay reports because I thought it would be better here. I have some reports of stripers being caught from the outflow (Oyster Creek). Of course this is a bit of the norm but not this early. Don't forget that the striper season is closed in bays and rivers until March 1 and you can not even target them when fishing. However if you do catch one which fishing say white perch then that is ok as long as you return it to the water even if it is keeper size.

Party boats were out Monday fishing tog and the tog were on the chew. A lot had limits while others had a couple of fish. Didn't hear anything yesterday and today is most likely a wash with the rain coming later today.

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Bay Report:

Some out fishing white perch. They are doing pretty good. Also some resident stripers being caught when fishing perch. No reports as to where they are fishing. I keep getting a few reports from Oyster Creek that small stripers are being caught there as well. Remember you can not target them because the season is closed until March 1 in rivers and bays.

No reports.

No reports.

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Fresh Water Report:

2015 NJ Freshwater Fishing Regulations Summary (except trout)
2015 Trout Regulations Summary
Fishing Live Bait

No reports.

No reports.

No reports.

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