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Saltwater & Jetty

The saltwater fishing reports covers surf (IBSP and LBI mostly), jetty, and boats. Boats includes party boats, charters, and private boats.


The bay fishing report covers the Absecon Bay area, Great Bay, Tuckerton Bay, Barnegat Bay, and sometimes Raritan Bay. It also includes crabbing reports as well.


Our fresh water reports come from local lakes, ponds, and streams from around the store. Of course we also at times get reports from other places as well. Most of our reports come from Town Center, Lake Mercer, Miry Run Lake (tech pond), Gropps Lake, Rosedale Lake, Delaware River, the Assunpink Creek, Lake Assunpink, Rising Sun, and Stone Tavern just to name a few. To see the location of these lakes you can use our lake locations web page
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Just a little update on the store. For those who don't know us we carry a line of live bait for fresh water and frozen baits for salt water. We have all types of worms, medium and large shiners, and fathead minnows. We also carry vacuum packed bunker, salted clams, and boxes of squid. As for plastic baits we have GULP!, PowerBait, Yamamoto, and Tuff baits along with other fishing and crabbing supplies. So stop in and pick up some bait and say hello. We maybe small and can't carry everything but we hope we can be your one stop shop for your fishing needs. Don't forget we are in summer hours now until Nov. 1. We are open Mon-Fri 8-6, Sat 7-6 and Sunday 7-4. Tight lines everybody.

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New Jersey Fishing Reports

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Our New Jersey fishing reports come from all who fish the waters of NJ. We are looking for reliable information. We don't need the exact location that could threaten your favorite spot. When sending us a report include about locations, water conditions, and stage of tide (saltwater). It makes the posting of information meaningful. We believe in giving our customers an honest fishing report. Please use the below links to send us your positive or negative reports with honest information:

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Thank you from all of us at Fisherman Fred's LLC. Tight lines and we hope you hook that big one.

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2014 NJ Saltwater Recreational Regulations
Winter flounder: March 23 to Dec. 31 12 inch at 2 fish limit
Fluke: May 23 to Sept 27 18 inch at 5 fish limit
Sea Bass: May 19 to June 30 12.5 inch 15 fish, July 1 to Aug. 31 12.5 inch 3 fish, Sept. 1 to 6 12.5 inch 15 fish, Oct. 18 to Dec. 31 12.5 inch 15 fish
Blackfish/Tautog: April 1 to April 30 15 inch at 4 fish limit, July 17 to Nov. 15 15 inch at 1 fish limit, Nov. 16 to Dec. 31 15 inch at 6 fish limit

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Fisherman Fred's RFA Alerts web page. Read important information about what is happening in the fishing world. Updates such as regulations, what is going on in Washington, and so on.

Obama Faces Whale Of a Problem Along Jersey Shore

Surf, Boat, & Jetty Report:

Battle reels 10% off Since the new battles are coming we are putting the Battle reels we have on sale. We have 2 BTL5000 and 2 BTL6000 left. So come and get them. We will spool them with 20lb mono for free as well.

Water temps this fall like sunny no humidity morning is 61.7. Well that south wind is sure doing it job to cool off those water temps again. Well it is the summertime broken record report today. It is still best to target fluke and blues during the day and sharks at night. Fluke it is bucktail tipped with GULP! or squid, blues it is mullet, bunker, or small poppers, and metals. Sharks it is bunker, mackerel, or just about any type of fish meat. You might also want to down size your hooks and try to catch some kingfish, blowfish, or croakers. Use single hooks or a hi-lo rig with different types of bait and you never know you could just catch yourself a nice dinner. For the kingfish use FishBites, bloodworms, or GULP! bloodworms, blowfish it is small pieces of clam or squid, croakers it is also small pieces of clam or squid.

Don't forget that the JCAA Fluke Tournament is this Saturday Aug. 2. Party boats did pretty good with the fluke, blues, and bonito with some catches or sea bass and ling too. Fluke it was they had to find the right places. The drifts were good and they did have a bunch of keepers in the 3 to 5lb range. They also had to weed through the throw backs as a lot of the fluke were 17 inches. If you are going to go make sure you a jigging because that is what is catching the most fluke right now. Some private boats did ok on the reefs for fluke as well.

Water temp this rain is gone but could be showers cloudy still a bit humid morning is 68. It turned to a south wind yesterday I know because I was down there just to get out. Nope no fishing or crabbing just a bit of me relaxing some before I have to do it all again. Kinda funny but you can tell it is getting closer to the end of the summer season already. I saw a lot of migrating birds in the area yesterday and of course they know it is time to be heading south by their clocks. Pretty soon it will be fall and the hordes of stripers will be here again. The question is, will you be ready? So on to the fishing reports. Fluke is still your best bet to be fishing off the surf right now. GULP! or squid on a bucktail is the ticket. There are also kingfish, blowfish, bluefish, croakers, and now some spot to be caught as well. And don't forget the sharks at night. More people are catch their two 16 inch fluke off IBSP now as the ones in the surf are getting bigger by the day. If you do catch 16 inch fluke on IBSP make sure you get them tagged other wise they are illegal fluke.

Party boats had some good luck fishing bluefish and from what I was told everybody had limits in no time. Also a bunch of bonito being caught now as well. The fluke fishing was a bit tough because the drift was kinda fast. However people picked away at them and most had at least 2 or 3 fluke along with some sea bass and ling to round out the catch. No word out of the offshore people but that could come in later. I don't know if anybody ran out there because of the weather plus the white marlin/tuna tournament was over.

Water temp this overcast humid going to be raining morning is 71.8. Here is a good one for you. I had a report of a striper being caught on a kingfish rig with FishBites as bait. This just goes to prove to you what I have always said is that stripers will eat just about anything. Other then that it has been fluke, blues, kingfish, a few blowfish, and sharks being caught from the beaches now Fluke it is bucktail with GULP! or squid, blues use mullet, kingfish use a kingfish rig tipped with Fishbites, GULP! bloodworms, bloodworms, or small clam strips. The clam strips could even catch you some blowfish as well. Sharks use bunker, mackerel strips, bluefish or just about any kind of meat.

A lot out in the ocean fishing fluke. From off of Seaside all the way down to Garden State South Reef they have been catching them. Only problem is there is a ton of throw backs so that means you have to weed through them to get a couple of keepers. The keepers are in the 3 to 6lb range right now. GULP!, fresh spearing or a spearing/squid strip combo seems to be the best bets out there right now. Some of the reefs and ridges are producing good catches of smaller blues along with some bonito thrown in. Party boats are fishing blues or fluke now and are doing pretty good. Of course the boats fishing blues are doing much better then the ones fishing fluke. Fluke is doing ok but lots of throw backs to weed through. However some did have limits so it is getting better. Jigging with GULP! nuclear chicken or glow squidos is what was working best yesterday, but the color could change at any time even during the trip. Pool winners are in the 5 to 7lb range. They are also catching some nice sea bass and a few ling as well. The canyons are reporting catches of yellowfin tuna and mahi mahi when trolling. So all in all things are looking up and the fishing is getting better looks like it is time to get your butt fishing.

Sorry, for the bit of a late report it has been a busy morning so far. Water temp this nice cool cloudy could have some showers going to get more humid morning is 72. Make sure you take smaller hooks or a kingfish rig with you because more are now being caught. Tip the hooks with Fishbites, GULP! bloodworms, bloodworms, or small clam strips to catch them. The clam strips could even catch you some blowfish as well. Small blues hitting mullet and bunker, few short stripers on clams or bunker, and fluke on a bucktail tipped with GULP! or squid is what is being caught off the beaches. Also some sharks being caught here and there from the surf as well. Use bunker, mackerel strips, bluefish or just about any kind of meat for them.

Today is last day of the Beach Haven Marlin and Tuna Invitational Tournament. So far no white marlin have been weighed in but there has been some tuna and mahi mahi weighted in. The top two boats have fished their two days already and must sit by and see what happens today. Not sure how many boats will be out there today with some rain coming in the forecast. Around the thirty line has had a bunch of bluefin being caught Try fishing around the Triple Wrecks or the Chicken Canyon. Party boats are loading up with bluefish and some bonito too. I was told that about 5 miles out of Barnegat Inlet it was very good fishing for them. Party boats fishing fluke did a bit better yesterday with the people jigging doing better now then the ones dragging bait. Pool winners were in the 5 to 7lb range on most boats I got reports from. Also some sea bass and ling were caught as well to round things out. Private boats fishing the reefs and wrecks are doing ok with fluke but a ton of throw backs are being caught and only a handful of keepers. As the water warms so will the fluke fishing. Also with the fluke moving out of the bays it has to get better.

Water temp this nice cool sunny morning is 70.7. Looks like the bigger fluke are leaving the bays because the size of the fluke being caught off the surf is slowly getting bigger, but the throw back ratio is still really high. However there seems to be more keepers being caught now. Use a bucktail tipped with GULP! is your best bet still but squid and minnows are working. There are now some bigger bluefish being caught and the snapper blues are now in the surf as well. That will help the fluke fishing as fluke love snappers. Go catch 15 (the bluefish limit) as use them as bait for the fluke. The bigger blues are being caught on mullet, bunker, small poppers and metals. Some brown and sand tiger sharks are being caught from the surf now that water temps are up again. Use bunker or mackerel strips for them. The Point Pleasant Elks Fluke Tournament is tomorrow. You can follow us on Facebook by clicking on the icon on the top right of any page.

The Beach Haven Tournament kicked off yesterday and it seems some found the fish. Heard there were some bigeye tuna and mahi mahi weighted in. So that looks like a good start. Party boats are having good catches of bluefish with some bonito thrown in for good measure. Was told by a couple of the boats that the current was ripping yesterday so it made it a bit hard to fish for fluke. They did ok but some got the skunk. The fluke that were caught were in the 3 to 5lb range with some pool winners going into the 7 to 8lb range. Jigging is the way to go right now. They also had catches of sea bass and ling to round out the catch.

Water this cloudy going to get sunny with less humidity morning is 68.4. It remains the same broken record summer reports as it does every year at this time. Throw back fluke with a few keepers thrown in, blues, kingfish (better the further south you go), and sharks at night. Fluke it is bucktails with GULP! or squid, blues it is poppers, metals, or mullet, kingfish it is FishBites, and sharks it is bunker, mackerel, or even a bluefish. Also some are now using minnows/killies for the fluke as well.

The 30 Fathom line is producing yellowfin tuna, mahi mahi, and some skipjacks. Some of the canyons are producing catches of sharks, yellowfin, bluefisn, mahi mahi, and a few marlin. Party boats fishing bluefish are catching limits of cocktail blues with some bonito thrown in as well. Ones fishing fluke are having a bit of a rough go at it lately. The drift is slow or fast and ocean conditions have not been too great either, but they are catching some fluke, sea bass, and ling to make it worth the trip. Right now it seems people using jigs with a teaser doing better with keepers then people dragging bait on the drifts. The ones dragging bait are catching a lot more throw backs.

Water temp this sunny humid going to rain after 6PM morning is 69.8. The surf fishing remains about the same as it always does in the summertime. It has been catches of a bunch of shorts with some keeper sized fluke thrown in and small to medium size blues from the beaches. Also some kingfish being caught as well. The further south you go the better the kinfishing is. Some sharks are also being caught from the beaches during the night hours. Fluke use a bucktail tipped with GULP! 4" chartreuse or pearl white swimming mullet or a strip of squid. The blues it has been mostly a mullet bite but they are also taking bunker at times. Kingfish use FishBites or bloodworms. Sharks it is bunker chunks.

Garden State south reef is starting to come to life with some keeper fluke being caught. Barnegat Ridge is producing catches bluefish and bonito. Some of the wrecks are producing sea bass, ling, and some trigger fish. As for party boats, the ones fishing bluefish are doing really well and some are even back to dock early because everyone has limits and get tired of releasing so many. The ones fishing fluke are doing so so with a ton of short fluke and only a handful of keepers. The keepers are going in the 3 to 5lb range.

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Bay Report:

Still some very nice fluke coming out of the bays. Only problem now is the throw backs really out number the keepers. The ratio is any place from 30 to 1 to around 50 to 1. Most of the keepers are in the 18.5 to 20 inch range but some are going much bigger if you can find them. I still am receiving reports of some in the 5 to 7lb range being caught out of the deeper holes and towards the inlets. It still is mainly a GULP! bite but minnows seem to be getting the bigger ones. Also squid, bunker, and mackerel strips are working. Some reports of kingfish, blowfish, and some croakers being caught as well. I did also get a few reports of some weakfish and a couple of keeper stripers caught as well. So there is a bunch of things to fish for and some nice days ahead, so my question to you is, why are you not out there fishing?

Crabbing reports are coming in a lot now. Seems the crabbing has gotten much better and people now think it is worth giving it a shot. It is still as always some places are better then others. I hear that Good Luck Point is the area that is pretty hot right now. Most places are producing a few dozen off the docks and bulkheads while the boats are getting a half to full bushels or more. It doesn't matter if you are using box or open top traps or hand lines seems they are all about the same. The same goes for the bait both chicken and bunker or anything else you use is working about the same now. Also it could slow a bit because I heard some have gotten shedders so we will see.

I think the weather forecast kept a lot of people home yesterday. Also the south wind didn't help much either. It may not have been south all day but when I got down there it was south. Of course Barnegat Bay was starting to get a bit rough because of it. Reports didn't come in too good yesterday. I don't know if it was the lack of fish being caught, the lack of people fishing, or just the lack of people sending reports. I did get some reports of fluke being caught when using GULP! or minnows, snappers, a few kingfish, blowfish, croakers, and here is a new one a couple of spot. You just have to pick which one or ones you are going to fish for. Well the rain is out of here but there should be some showers later today, but the rest of the week is looking good. Crabbing is going good now so get out there and get yourself a nice dinner.

The fluke fishing is still going good in the bays just a little tougher to find those big ones now. Been told it is a ton of throw backs a only a few keepers being caught out of the bays now. Even the deeper holes are starting to slow down now. Did have reports of some nice keepers being caught out of the ICW in all bays, Little Egg Harbor area, the BB and BI buoys, and Double and Oyster creek channels are some places people are fishing for the fluke. It is still a GULP! and minnow bite with squid, bunker, mackerel strips, and spearing are working but just not as good. I now also had a couple of reports that snappers, kingfish and blowfish were caught off a couple of docks on the bay side of LBI and also around the BB and BI buoys. Croakers were reported being caught from Great and Tuckerton bays. Also heard of some sharks but wasn't told where they were fishing. Crabbing you just need to be out there now as it is going pretty good now. Hearing of a few dozen off the docks and bulkheads now and half to full bushels from the boats.

Well it looks like the fluke are now really on their way out of the bays. Fishing places near or in the inlets are producing the most fluke now. It is still bucktails with GULP! or a minnow that is the best bet to catch them. Some kingfish, blowfish, and croakers are being caught but not in great numbers as of yet. Snapper are a different story in Barnegat Bay as they are all over the place now. A smaller hook with spearing or a piece of mullet on it or a small metal is what you need to use to catch them. Crabbing I would say is now in full swing and people are getting a few dozen from the docks and bulkheads. Boats are loading up with half to full bushels now.

Well today I am starting with the crabbing report because now I am getting some good reports. Of course the boaters are doing better then people crabbing the docks and bulkheads. Barnegat Bay around Good Luck Point and into the Toms River is a hot spot right now. I have also heard that around the Mantoloking Bridge where the Metedeconk meets the bays is another good spot. Docks in Seaside and on LBI are also doing very good now as well. So get those traps and hand lines out and stop in and get some bunker from us and go get a good meal of crabs.

As for the fishing end of things in the bays, it is still some pretty good fluke fishing from the ICW in all bays, Absecon Inlet, the back bays of Brigantine, Tuckerton channel, Grassy Channel, Little Egg Harbor area, BB and BI buoys, and Double and Oyster creek channels in Barnegat Bay. GULP! or a minnow on a hi-lo rig or a bucktail with a teaser is the way to go not. Also spearing, mackerel strips, snappers, spot, and bunker is working. If you want fun and to catch some bait fish snappers. They are a blast on light tackle and you can catch a ton of them right now. Remember they are bluefish so you can only keep 15 of them. Also hering there are sharks being caught out of the southern part of Barnegat Bay and in the back bays of Brigantine as well. Some of the browns are going up to 5 foot in size. Remember browns and sand tiger sharks are protected and you can not kill them and you have to release them back into the water unharmed. I been told that some croakers have been caught out of Tuckerton Bay and Great Bay now. So they is another fish you can target in the bays now.

Well the sharks are in the bays and are hungry. I was told second hand that some one had a striper bit in half while reeling it in. Looks like the southern bays are better for fishing sharks. I would fish the bays around Brigantine or in Barnegat Bay try the Grassy Channel area. Bunker chunks, mackerel, or bluefish is most likely your best bet to use. As for the fluke fishing it has slowed or they are moving out hard to tell which. It isn't like the first part of the season and now people are getting upset because of all the throw backs. Funny thing is that is how it is most years in the bays. Good fishing at the start and slows during the season as the fluke spawned and are moving out. Your best bet is still GULP! or minnows. Ok I use minnows as I fished a lot down around the Tuckerton and Absecon areas. When I say minnows people north of LBI call them killies. So if you go below Barnegat Inlet call them minnows or you might get looked at with a funny face because the bait guy don't know what you are talking about. Barnegat Bay the snappers are still going strong. Use spearing or small metals for them. Crabbing has gotten a whole lot better now in most places, but some are still not too good. The reports say the docks and bulkheads it is a couple of dozen or more now and the boaters are in the half to full bushels now.

Barnegat Bay is full of snapper blues right now and they are hungry. So you can use spearing or small metals to catch them. Fluke fishing seems to be pretty good still but the small fluke have taken over now and you have to weed thru them to get the keepers. The reports seems to once again point to deeper waters and closer to the inlets for the bigger fluke. The ICW in all bays, Little Egg Harbor area, BB and BI buoys, and Double and Oyster creek channels in Barnegat Bay are just to name a few places to give it a shot. Of course I know you have that secret spot that you have and you can try that as well. GULP! or minnows is still the ticket, but squid, spearing. and mackerel strips are working too. Crabbing in most places is doing really good now. I have been getting more and more reports that are much better now. Docks and bulkheads you can get a dinner and the boats are half to full bushels now.

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Fresh Water Report:

2014 NJ Freshwater Fishing Regulations Summary (except trout)

With it being sun and heavy clouds that looked like rain I guess a lot stayed home, were on vacation, or back to work. Reports were also very light yesterday but people caught fish. I had reports from Lake Assunpink, Stone Tavern, Rising Sun, Gropps, RT 130 dam, Miry Run, and AMC that bass, sunnies, pickerel, and catfish were caught. Miry Run also had carp caught as well. Town Center it was sunnies, bass, and some catfish being caught. That is about it for the reports. Looks like the rest of the week is going to be good with today being the best of it.

Kinda of a funny day and it did keep some at home while others didn't care and went fishing. It is a broken record report today. The reports once again came from all over the place that bass, sunnies, crappie, pickerel, catfish, carp, creek chubs, and catfish were being caught. Just to name a few, Lake Assunpink, Stone Tavern, Rising Sun, Etra, Conines Millpond, Gropps, RT 130 dam, Miry Run AMC, and Town Center. Just about anything is working now but what people are buying is about a 60/40 split with live bait being the 40. Shiners and night crawlers is the main stay of what is being used.Today could be a so so day with some showers later but the rest of the week is looking good.

Nice morning to be fish with some rain in the middle and nice fishing after the rain. Had reports come in from all over the place that bass, sunnies, crappie, pickerel, catfish, carp, creek chubs, catfish, and even a couple of muskie were caught. As you can see it almost doesn't matter where you are fishing now, you are going to catch something. Live bait such as worm, meal worms, and shiners just work while the plastic worm, crankbaits, spinners, spoons, poppers, spinner baits, and buzz bait are working but just not as good. So you see it is that time of year where it is good fishing. Also you need to fish a bit different this time of year. Question is, do you like standing out in the hot sun? no you don't and neither do the fish. So fish deeper, fish shaded areas, fish around cover and you will catch fish all day long.

Nice day and people went fishing after work yesterday. Reports this time of year sound like a broken record a lot of times because they are. I get a lot of reports from the same people and they fish the same places. So once again we had reports from Lake Assunpink, Stone Tavern, Rising Sun, Etra, Conines Millpond, Gropps, RT 130 dam, and Miry Run that bass, sunnies, pickerel, crappie,and catfish were being caught. Town Center it was sunnies, bass, and catfish. I did have a report from Crystal Lake outside of Bordentown that a few snake heads and bass were caught. If you do catch a snake head you must not put it back into the water but you must kill it. The DEP already knows they are there. Sylvan Lake had reports of a few bass and some crappie caught. Delaware River it was bass both small and large mouth, catfish, pickerel, and a couple of muskie were reported.

Pretty nice day once the sun came out and the humidity went down. This morning is as close to prefect you are going to get this time of year. Well because of the nice day people went fishing. So that means that the reports came in as well. Town Center of course it was tons of sunnies, bass, and catfish caught. Lake Assunpink, Stone Tavern, Rising Sun, Etra, Conines Millpond, Gropps, RT 130 dam, and Miry Run had bass, sunnies, pickerel, crappie,and catfish were being caught. Miry Run also had reports of some nice sized carp being caught. Spring Lake Trenton had some bowfin caught. Also had a report that a couple of muskie were caught out of Carnegie Lake. I didn't even know there were muskie in there but there could be I suppose. Was told they were caught by the dam. I had another report that a few muskie are being caught out of Lake Mercer as well.

A bit hot and humid day had people fishing the morning and more towards dusk to try to beat it. Had a call from Assunpink Bob and he is fishing one of the Assunpink lakes with some good bass fishing from the shore. He also said that the big lake Lake Assunpink could be getting over fished because it has not been too good lately. He is catching some bass and pickerel but not like he usually does. I don't know if there are many tournaments on that lake any more but I would bet there is. That could lead to it not producing so well. Well that and the heat. So on to the other reports. Etra, Conines Millpond, Gropps, RT 130 dam, and Miry Run had reports of bass, sunnies, pickerel, and catfish being caught. Town Center as always had bass, sunnies, and catfish caught. I didn't get a good look at any places this morning on the way in to see if it is muddy after last nights rain but it could be.

Yesterday got a little bit warm and a lot more humid. I guess that kept some from fishing but still a bunch out there. Had some reports come from Lake Assunpink, Stone Tavern, Rising Sun, Gropps, RT 130 dam, and Miry Run that bass, sunnies, pickerel, and catfish were being caught. Miry Run also had reports of some nice sized carp being caught. Spring Lake Trenton had a couple of bass and some bowfin caught. While Town Center it was tons of sunnies, bass, and some catfish being caught. Just so that people know, if you have small kids you want to take fishing then Town Center is the place to go. They will bang sunnies all day long and have a blast doing it. There is also a 10 foot buffer zone around the lake so if they fall in all they do is stand up. There are no weeds around the lake and the township keeps the grass mowed so it makes it really nice. To find out where the Town Center Lakes are just use the following link:
Town Center Lake or you can use our Local Lakes Locations web page to find other area lakes.

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