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Saltwater & Jetty

The saltwater fishing reports covers surf (IBSP and LBI mostly), jetty, and boats. Boats includes party boats, charters, and private boats.


The bay fishing report covers the Absecon Bay area, Great Bay, Tuckerton Bay, Barnegat Bay, and sometimes Raritan Bay. It also includes crabbing reports as well.


Our fresh water reports come from local lakes, ponds, and streams from around the store. Of course we also at times get reports from other places as well. Most of our reports come from Town Center, Lake Mercer, Miry Run Lake (tech pond), Gropps Lake, Rosedale Lake, Delaware River, the Assunpink Creek, Lake Assunpink, Rising Sun, and Stone Tavern just to name a few. To see the location of these lakes you can use our lake locations web page
Lake Locations.


It is with a heavy heart that I have to tell everybody that our mascot, Miry the Crayfish has passed away. Crayfish live for 2 to 3 years and I had Miry for 3 years. So now we need to get another Miry or get some thing else as the mascot. Email me what you think it should be and maybe if we take your idea we will give you some thing. The fall striper run so far this year has been ok but not great. We have been selling a good amount of bait and lures for it. If you didn't know we do carry some saltwater baits, such as vacuum packed bunker and salted clams. For more information see our bait status web page. The link is at the top of the all web pages. Once the season is over don't forget we do rod and reel repairs. We are also going to be starting up our rod building classes after the up coming holidays are over. So check back to see what is going on here at Fisherman Fred's.

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New Jersey Fishing Reports

Surf/Boat Fishing Reports Bay Fishing Reports Freshwater Fishing Reports

Our New Jersey fishing reports come from all who fish the waters of NJ. We are looking for reliable information. We don't need the exact location that could threaten your favorite spot. When sending us a report include about locations, water conditions, and stage of tide (saltwater). It makes the posting of information meaningful. We believe in giving our customers an honest fishing report. Please use the below links to send us your positive or negative reports with honest information:

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If in the hustle and bustle of everyday business, we sometimes fail to slow down long enough to personally say thank you, please know that your patronage is never taken for granted. We would like to thank you from all of us at Fisherman Fred's LLC for giving us the opportunity to supply you with your fishing needs. Tight lines and we hope you hook that big one.

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2014 NJ Saltwater Recreational Regulations
Winter flounder: March 23 to Dec. 31 12 inch at 2 fish limit
Fluke: May 23 to Sept 27 18 inch at 5 fish limit
Sea Bass: May 19 to June 30 12.5 inch 15 fish, July 1 to Aug. 31 12.5 inch 3 fish, Sept. 1 to 6 12.5 inch 15 fish, Oct. 18 to Dec. 31 12.5 inch 15 fish
Blackfish/Tautog: April 1 to April 30 15 inch at 4 fish limit, July 17 to Nov. 15 15 inch at 1 fish limit, Nov. 16 to Dec. 31 15 inch at 6 fish limit

RFA Alerts
Fisherman Fred's RFA Alerts web page. Read important information about what is happening in the fishing world. Updates such as regulations, what is going on in Washington, and so on.


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Surf, Boat, & Jetty Report:

Yes our Black Friday sales are starting today Tuesday Nov. 25 and goes until Sunday Nov. 30. We have plenty of sales going on but bottom line is everything except bait and custom rods we have to build is at least 10% off. That includes the in store custom rods. Sale is on in store items only. So come on in and see what is going on.

Water temp this nice sunny morning is 49.5. Water has warmed up a bit and that could help with the stripers. Past couple of days has been a bit slow from the beaches. Few stripers were caught here and there. More shorts then keepers. Swimming plugs, bunker, and clams is what is working. I talked to a few that are die hards to see if I could find anything that could you catch stripers. Here is what I was told, the stripers that they have kept and cut open have had bunker in their bellies not sand eels or rain fish. So it looks like they are still feeding mostly on bunker. A couple also had ling and crabs in them. So if you are going to dead stick bait then bunker is still a very good choice. Of course these people plug as well but they have been catching more and bigger stripers on bait then on plugs. The plugs have been catching more shorts then anything. Today is another nice day but it is going to go hill from there. Looks here we are getting some snow but the coast is getting all rain tomorrow. One of two things this storm can do, it can maybe bring the stripers into the beaches or it could end the fall run. We won't know what happens until it happens. Let's just hope for the best.

Sunday some boaters did get out and had stripers into the 25+lb range. Yesterday with the wind I don't think any got outside. Because of that some are starting to pull their boats already even with some stripers being caught. I guess this coming Nor'eater made some do it as well. Snag n drop isn't working as well now because the bunker has went deep and are moving quickly south now. Seems trolling bunker spoon or umbrella rigs with shads and stretch plugs is the way to go now. No bottom fishing boats went out yesterday because of the wind.

Water temp this summer like morning is 45.5. Well not like summer but it sure feels that way after all that cold weather we had. Looks like it lasts only today and tomorrow and then the cold is back with maybe just maybe some of that four letter word, snow on Wednesday. Reports from the beaches remain the same, only a pick of stripers are being caught. Seems like more are being caught at night then during the day but yesterday it was kinda hard to really tell. Only thing I have to say is put your time in and hopefully some move into the beach. Swimming plugs, poppers, needle fish, and thin metals with a teaser all was working. If dead sticking bait it has been clams or bunker because that is all anybody uses anymore. Here is a thought that could help as well. Since there is a lot of rain fish around try down sizing your plugs. "What you say?" yes the BS about bigger bait bigger fish is not always true. If these stripers are on rain fish and sand eels they could go after a smaller sized plug. Always be willing to change up and never think something will not work as stripers will eat just about anything. I would expect the beaches to be a little bit fuller today because of the warmer air temps so maybe we will have more reports.

Well I had reports from down Brigantine way that the action was hot out front finally. Looks like trolling bunker spoons was the way to go there. Also reports off of LBI, IBSP, and Ortley areas had stripers being caught as well. The key was you had to be in 50 to 60 foot of water to be doing really good. Trolling bunker spoon or umbrella rigs with shads and stretch plugs was the ticket there. The stripers seem to be spread out between Point Pleasant down to Cape May now so you have a chance no matter where you are fishing. There are not any real hot spots to be fishing. Party boats did pretty good with stripers yesterday. Heard that some got into 25+lb ones again. Bottom fishing boats are still banging away at the tog with white leggers and green crabs.

Water temp the cold sunny morning is 47.1. Just a pick of stripers during the day but a much better bite at night. Swimming plugs of any type that are darker in color with a teaser above it is what is scoring at night along with clams and bunker if dead sticking bait. You may also want to try throwing thin metals or needle fish as there are some sand eels around now. No hot spots to be fishing. There is a lot of bait still out there. Yesterday birds were on rain fish but not too many stripers being caught out of them. The jettys are producing some nice catches of tog on white leggers and green crabs.

Private boaters had a bit of a hard time with the wind yesterday so it made it hard to get out away from the beach. I heard there were some stripers being being caught but not like the bigger party boats that could get out into deeper waters. A lot of the action was off of Ortley down to the IBSP area but it was in 40+ foot of water. Bottom fishing boats are doing good with tog. Some had limits while others had at least 3. White leggers and green crabs were working about the same.

Water temp on another cold sunny morning is 48.4. Sorry for the report being a bit late but I had a few in already either going out today or getting ready for tomorrow. Not too many reports because it looks like the cold weather has kept everybody at home. Yesterday was a bit warmer and more were fishing. LBI had a bunch of shorts in the 15 to 24 inch range being caught on clams and bunker along with a few dinner sized keepers. The IBSP and Seaside areas also have stripers being caught but it is a night bite period. Only a handful are being caught during the day now. So if you want stripers you better be fishing with the night crew now. Some of the stripers have had sand eels in their mouths but there doesn't seem to be a big showing of them yet and there may not be. If it does happen it could keep the stripers around a bit longer and could make it a day time bite again but if doesn't the run will slow and it will still be a night bite. Most of these stripers are being caught on swimming plugs but some are also being caught on clams and bunker. Other beaches have about the same reports as well.

Boaters that went out yesterday had some stripers being caught when trolling umbrella rigs with shads or stretch plugs on them or while trolling bunker spoons. Seems 50 to 60 foot of water is now where a lot of the action is taking place. However there are still some bunker pods along the beaches and snag n drop is working along with jigging. Jigging is working because there are some sand eels in the water now as well. Some party boats did sail yesterday. The ones that did found some stripers feeding on rain fish. So small jigs did the best. There is still life out there and they are finding birds working the rain fish so they fish there for the stripers. All I can say is that the tog fishing is going really good right now. Both white and green crabs are working. A lot of people on the boats are getting limits while other have at least 3 or 4.

Water temp this sunny nicer morning because there is little wind and the air temp is a bit warmer is 46.9. Well for those who did brave the cold yesterday they did catch some stripers. A lot of shorts along with some nice dinner sized bass were caught. Are there beaches better then others right now, no. It has been not the best of fall runs because a lot of the stripers are staying just out of casting distance but there also has been a few really nice ones caught this year from the beaches as well. I have been told a lot more of the stripers being caught have had sandeels in their mouths. So maybe it is time to break out those thin metals with a teaser and see what happens. Most of the action is still on clams, bunker, or some type of swimming plug. Weekend is looking better and I would bet there will be more fishing so maybe the reports will get better as well. Only thing is the bunker pods seem to be thinning out so we need those sandeels.

Boats fishing tog did very good yesterday. I heard of limits for along on all boats while other had 3 to 4 good sized tog. Was told white leggers worked better then green crabs did yesterday. It could be a good idea to take a 50/50 mix of both just in case.

Water temp this still cold but with less wind sunny morning is 46.8. We are lucky and could be like Buffalo,NY with 5 foot of snow and it is still snowing. I will take the cold and maybe a little snow but not 5 foot in a couple of days. That is just too much. So on to the little bit of fishing reports I have. Seems there were more fish then people fishing yesterday. I guess the cold kept most at home or they went to work or something. I did have reports of some nice stripers being caught from the beaches for those who went out there. Clams, bunker, and swimming plugs was the way to go. However a few of the stripers caught yesterday had mouth full of sandeels. That is a good sign but it could be too late to keep the stripers around. Now you can also start throwing those thin metals with a teaser and it should catch you some bass. It should bring some of them closer to the beaches and within casting distance.

A lot of the party boats and private boats stayed at dock yesterday because of the wind and cold so really no reports to speak of. I would bet some will get out today as the wind isn't as bad but it is just if not more cold this morning.

Water temp this sunny cold winter like morning is 51.1. Ok so you sat on that couch watching the Eagles get beat up on Sunday while a 57lb striper was being caught off of the Harrah's Boardwalk in AC. It was weighed at One Stop B&T in AC. will be posting a picture on our Facebook page. Not too many stripers caught from the beaches but then not a whole lot out fishing yesterday because of the weather. I did hear of some sand eels being around and that is what we really need to get these stripers to the beaches. We will just have to see what happens there.

Boaters had to deal with whales, dolphin, sharks, and even a seal in the bunker pods. However even with all of that they did catch a few stripers. Snag n drop was the way to go. I did have any reports of how the tog fishing went Sunday or yesterday.

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Bay Report:

Well it looks like some are now fishing winter flounder in the inlets, bays, and creeks. I had a few reports of some keepers being caught already. Don't forget that the limit is 12 inch at 2 fish. Most have been using live bloodworms for them. Stripers are still being caught behind IBSP, Cedar Creek, Oyster Creek, and other places in Barnegat Bay. Also had a couple reports that the bays behind Brigantine, Absecon Bay, and Absecon Inlet is producing some as well. Most out of Barnegat seem to be shorts while further south there has been a few nice keepers being caught. Swimming plugs, poppers, GULP! grubs on a jig head, and metals are the ticket right now.

Saturday brought in some reports from the bays. LE Inlet had stripers being caught when trolling. I wasn't told what they were using. Also people fishing behind IBSP, Cedar Creek and Oyster Creek had catches of short stripers on swimming plugs. Had word some winter flounder are showing up in some inlets. That is a good sign. Sorry but wasn't told which inlets. The reports were pretty tight lipped.

Well it looks like most have given up on the bays now or it is just too cold for the few that are fishing to be in the bays. Most if not all are outside fish now. If we hear anything we will sure let you know.

No word from anybody that tried fishing the bays. I guess it is too cold or they were outside fishing yesterday. It looks like it is winding down for the bays and only about a month and a half before the striper season closes in the bays until March. I would think some would maybe fishing winter flounder but no word there yet either. So it looks like bay reports are going to be very boring pretty soon and could even stop. We will keep giving reports as long as we are getting them.

Some did fish the bays yesterday. I only had a handful of report but better then nothing I guess. Behind IBSP and the Cedar Creek area produced some short stripers on smaller swimming plugs around dusk.

The bays were quiet yesterday once again. I guess everybody is fishing outside now either that or it was just too cold and windy to be out there yesterday. I have talked to a few that have already pulled their boats for the year. I guess it is getting to be that time now.

Everybody out front the past couple of days so no reports from the bays. Also the weather didn't help any.

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Fresh Water Report:

2014 NJ Freshwater Fishing Regulations Summary (except trout)
Fall 2014 Trout Stocking Schedule

Sunday it was windy and reports just didn't come in. Yesterday we had lots of reports come even if it was windy but it was like summer. It has been a pickerel and crappie bite lately but yesterday we had reports of bass, pickerel, crappie, sunnies, perch, and catfish being caught from the local lakes, ponds, and streams. Looks like today is another nice day but then it goes down hill from there and we even get some of that s word (snow) tomorrow.

Pretty windy but still a few out fishing. Once again it was all about the pickerel and crappie bite but bass, sunnies, perch, and some catfish were caught. This morning feels like summer time so it is looking like a nice day to be fishing. We will be here until 3PM for your bait needs.

Few people out fishing yesterday. Pickerel was the word of the day. Also some crappie, yellow perch, and a few bass were reported being caught. Cold morning today but it is going to warm up some as the day goes on. Did have a couple of reports from the Delaware River that perch and walleye are being caught.

Not too bad of a day yesterday and some were out fishing. Not too many reports but some were good. Pickerel and crappie bite is doing really good right now. The bass bite is there but it has slowed a lot. If you want to catch the bass fish the shallows on the sunny days as that is where the bass are to warm themselves. Another good thing is the weeds are gone now and it is much easier to fish where ever you want. Looks like the weekend is going to be good and Monday believe it or not the air temp is suppose to be 70.

Some out fishing but no reports came back. Looks like the weekend is going to be like a heat wave so it should be good for fishing. Before it got so cold the pickerel and crappie bite was pretty hot. Assunpink Bob and Cathy was banging them in Lake Assunpink on spinners and rubber worms.

Just as I thought too cold for anybody to be fishing. So no reports. I did see a few place with skim ice already on the pond. Of course this isn't going to last and by the weekend it is back into the 60's and good fishing weather.

Yesterday was a wash because of the rain. The water I went by this morning was a bit dis-colored but it looked good to fish. I don't think anyboby will be out there because now it is too cold for about 95% of the people who fish. We will see what happens.

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