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Saltwater & Jetty

The saltwater fishing reports covers surf (IBSP and LBI mostly), jetty, and boats. Boats includes party boats, charters, and private boats.


The bay fishing report covers the Absecon Bay area, Great Bay, Tuckerton Bay, Barnegat Bay, and sometimes Raritan Bay. It also includes crabbing reports as well.


Our fresh water reports come from local lakes, ponds, and streams from around the store. Of course we also at times get reports from other places as well. Most of our reports come from Town Center, Lake Mercer, Miry Run Lake (tech pond), Gropps Lake, Rosedale Lake, Delaware River, the Assunpink Creek, Lake Assunpink, Rising Sun, and Stone Tavern just to name a few. To see the location of these lakes you can use our lake locations web page
Lake Locations.


Just a little update on the store. For those who don't know us we carry a line of live bait for fresh water and frozen baits for salt water. We have all types of worms, medium and large shiners, and fathead minnows. We also carry vacuum packed bunker, salted clams, and boxes of squid. As for plastic baits we have GULP!, PowerBait, Yamamoto, and Tuff baits along with other fishing and crabbing supplies. So stop in and pick up some bait and say hello. We maybe small and can't carry everything but we hope we can be your one stop shop for your fishing needs. Don't forget we are in summer hours now until Nov. 1. We are open Mon-Fri 8-6, Sat 7-6 and Sunday 7-4. Tight lines everybody.

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New Jersey Fishing Reports

Surf/Boat Fishing Reports Bay Fishing Reports Freshwater Fishing Reports

Our New Jersey fishing reports come from all who fish the waters of NJ. We are looking for reliable information. We don't need the exact location that could threaten your favorite spot. When sending us a report include about locations, water conditions, and stage of tide (saltwater). It makes the posting of information meaningful. We believe in giving our customers an honest fishing report. Please use the below links to send us your positive or negative reports with honest information:

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If in the hustle and bustle of everyday business, we sometimes fail to slow down long enough to personally say thank you, please know that your patronage is never taken for granted. We would like to thank you from all of us at Fisherman Fred's LLC for giving us the opportunity to supply you with your fishing needs. Tight lines and we hope you hook that big one.

Thank you from all of us at Fisherman Fred's LLC. Tight lines and we hope you hook that big one.

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2014 NJ Saltwater Recreational Regulations
Winter flounder: March 23 to Dec. 31 12 inch at 2 fish limit
Fluke: May 23 to Sept 27 18 inch at 5 fish limit
Sea Bass: May 19 to June 30 12.5 inch 15 fish, July 1 to Aug. 31 12.5 inch 3 fish, Sept. 1 to 6 12.5 inch 15 fish, Oct. 18 to Dec. 31 12.5 inch 15 fish
Blackfish/Tautog: April 1 to April 30 15 inch at 4 fish limit, July 17 to Nov. 15 15 inch at 1 fish limit, Nov. 16 to Dec. 31 15 inch at 6 fish limit

RFA Alerts
Fisherman Fred's RFA Alerts web page. Read important information about what is happening in the fishing world. Updates such as regulations, what is going on in Washington, and so on.

Obama Faces Whale Of a Problem Along Jersey Shore

Surf, Boat, & Jetty Report:

Battle reels 10% off Since the new battles are coming we are putting the Battle reels we have on sale. We have 2 BTL5000 and 2 BTL6000 left. So come and get them. We will spool them with 20lb mono for free as well.

Water temp this nice going to get more humid morning is 70.3. Fluke are being caught from the beaches and doing ok but there is more throw backs then keepers right now. That could change with the water temps getting up there now. A bucktail tipped with GULP! 4" chartreuse or pearl white swimming mullet seems to be the ticket the past couple of days. Also don't forget that squid and minnows is also working. Some are now fishing kingfish and doing pretty good with them. A kingfish rig of some type tipped with FishBites, GULP! bloodworms, or real bloodworms is the ticket there. Some blues are also in and out of the surf and hitting bunker or mullet. At night the sharks are back in some places. Use bunker chunks there. With the warmer water be on the look out for cow nose rays as well. They will pull your rod and reel into the ocean so fast it will make your head spin. So make sure those drags are set real light so they can take line and not rip your setup right out of the sand spike. Barnegat Inlet it has been trigger fish, fluke, small blues, and some tog. Some of the tog are good sized and would make a great dinner. Don't forget you can only keep one tog at 15 inches right now. Green crabs is the ticket there. One last note, it looks like the fall LBI Classic will run from 5AM on Monday, October 6 until 6PM Sunday, November 30. So make sure you are ready to go.

Both party boats and private boats had some tough luck with fluke yesterday. Heard of a ton of shorts but not many keepers. There also had some nice sea bass being caught to keep things interesting. Also some got into some bluefish as well. Hopefully things will be picking back up soon. Oh and by the way the swell that was there Sunday was gone yesterday.

Water temp this nice sunny morning is 68.4 Still a best bet to target fluke from the beaches. I been hearing that it is now a lot of shorts. One report told me they got 35 fluke between 3 people and not one keeper. IBSP it is a bit easier as you can at least keep two that are 16 inches. It is still a GULP! on a bucktail bite but squid is also working. Some kingfish are also being caught when using a kingfish rig with FishBites on it. Some bluefish being caught on poppers and metals. A couple of reports that sharks are being caught at night. The jetties are producing some fluke, trigger fish, and now some really nice tog. Some of the tog are huge and making a good meal. Green crabs is the way to go there.

Offshore all I heard was a couple of mako sharks and some bluefin tuna caught but it is still early for me to get those reports. The ocean was a bit lumpy and the drift was really fast so it didn't make too god for fishing, but a few party boats had some luck with catches of bluefish, and bonito . Some had a lot of the old skunk as well.

Water temp this cloudy going to get sunny morning is 68.4. With water temps up so is some of the fishing. Fluke should be your main target but don't forget to also try a kingfish rig with some FishBtes or GULP! bloodworms on the hooks you could just catch a really good dinner. For fluke it is still a bucktail tipped with GULP! or squid dragged thru the surf really slow. Also a few reports of some brown sharks, cow nose rays, and butterfly rays being caught as well. The rays are tough to get to the beach and you may just need to get your line back in as far as you can and then cut it. Also make sure to keep those drags set loose or you could be chasing your rod down the beach or watch it go into the water. Trigger fish and fluke are being caught from the rocks or Barnegat Inlet and the wall in Pt. Pleasant. One thing I have been told is in some place there is a bunch of grass.

Party boats had a mix of fluke, sea bass, and bluefish yesterday. It wasn't a banner day but they still had some good drifts. Pools winners were mostly in the 5 to 7lb range on most boats. I hate to say it but some did get the skunk. Seems like now jigging is working better then dragging bait. GULP! is the ticket but a color I can not tell you because it changes all the time.

First off I must say that the trouble on IBSP yesterday just goes to show that you should be swimming at a spot where there is a life gurad and not where it is for fishing. Just in case you don't know a swimmer went missing at A20 yesterday. The Coast Guard called off the search last night and he has not been found. So if you are in the water fishing or swimming please be very careful.

Water temp this overcast going to be a great day morning is 67.1. With water temps coming up so is the fishing. Of course fluke are still your best bet. Use a bucktail with GULP! or a squid strip to catch them. From IBSP south the kingfish are making a showing so down size those hooks and use GULP! bloodworms, FishBites, or real bloodworms to catch them. If you didn't know kingfish make a great fish and chips,nice white meat. Some brown sharks are coming off the surf at night again now. Use bunker chunks and make make sure you have a wire leader there. Also had a few reports of some short stripers in the 20 to 23 inch range being caught on bunker or clams off the beaches here and there. So it looks like a good time to be fishing again. Now the inlets are producing catches of a few tog up to 18 inches on green crabs. Remember you can only keep one tog 15 inches or bigger right now. Also a bunch of trigger fish and some keeper fluke is coming out of the inlets as well.

Some great reports from offshore finally came in. Barnegat Ridge has tons of life in it as bonita, bluefish, and even some mackerel are being caught. Other offshore places like the canyons are producing catches yellowfin, longfin, and bluefin tuna. With this weather I would bet a lot are going to be making those runs to see what they can catch. As for the fluke and other type of fishing I herd it was kinda a slow pick yesterday. It started out good early but then slowed some. Most had one or two fluke while high hooks only had three or four fluke. I didn't hear of any limits. Most of the fluke being caught are in the 2 to 4lb range but some are going up to 6lbs. A good thing is there were also some nice sea bass caught as well to round out the catch.

Water temps this prefect morning is 65.5. See no south wind and the temp jumped 3 degrees already. This is what we need to get the summer fishing back on track. A bit slow from the beaches yesterday but that could be because of the lack of people fishing. It is still best to target fluke with a bucktail tipped with some type of GULP! or a squid strip. Didn't hear of any stripers being caught yesterday but that doesn't mean there wasn't some residents bass being caught. Brigantine has seen a few sharks caught the past few nights along with a pretty good catch of kingfish now. The only thing about the kingfish is that the bite has been more on real bloodworms rather then FishBites. I think once the water warms up the bite will be just as good on FishBites. We do carry kingfish rigs and FishBites and have them in stock. LBI has had a bit of a bite with kingfish as well. IBSP it has some keeper fluke along with a few kingfish. Don't forget on IBSP you can keep two 16 inch fluke but need to have them tagged at the checking station to be legal.

Some the reefs such as the Garden State north and south are producing some fluke for the boaters. It should get better as the water temps come up. As for the party boats, they are doing ok with the fluke but there is still some swell and the drift wasn't all that great and then there was the heavy current as well. Good thing is the water out where they are fishing was 67. Along with the fluke some nice sea bass was being caught as well. At time more sea bass was being caught then fluke. Didn't hear about any tog being caught yesterday but now you can keep one.

What a morning it is. Nice and cool and no humidity. Water temp this morning is 62.8. Looks like it could be a slow warm up but lets hope not. The fight to stop the seismic survey isn't going too well. The Third Circuit Court ruled that the seismic survey can go ahead as planed. As for the fishing it is still a bit slow because the of the water temps. It is best to target fluke still but with the colder water temp I would throw out some clams or bunker because you never know if that resident stripers is hungry or not. Also some blues in and out of the surf as well. You might also want to down size the hooks as I been told something is taking the bait. Guess what? it could be blowfish, kingfish, croakers, or spot doing it. The smaller hooks might just make you catch something. No word on any sharks or rays the past couple of days but that could be due to the dip in water temps again. I am sure they will be back once the water temps come back up.

A few of the party boats did sail yesterday. They found a small ground swell where there were fishing. Some fluke up to 5lbs along with some sea bass. Don't forget Tog season opens today with a one fish at fifteen inch limit. At least you can keep one now. Things are looking like it is only going to get better.

Water this overcast going to be sunny and getting less humid as the day goes on morning is 61.5. The wind should turn today and maybe just maybe start to warm this water up some. As for those who gave the beaches a shot they did catch some fish. LBI had some sharks, a few keeper fluke, and some kingfish caught. The IBSP Seaside area had some stripers on bunker and clams, a few sharks on bunker and that is about it for the reports. Looks like this weather system is moving off now and it should get nicer as the day goes on and tomorrow is looking great.

No word from any boats yesterday. I guess the weather kept people home or the boats just didn't sail.

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Bay Report:

People are still catching fluke from the bays in good numbers but it is throw back heaven lately. Some nice keepers are also being caught. It is still a bucktail tipped with some type and color GULP! but don't discount squid, spearing, or mackerel strips either. BB and BI buoys are also producing some kingfish and blowfish as well. FishBites, GULP! bloodworms, or real bloodworms for the kings and clams for the blowfish. Crabbing is doing good and worth giving it a shot now. couple dozen plus is now common off the docks and bulkheads and half to full bushels from the boats. It still does matter where you are crabbing and you just have to find that magic spot.

Where to start, I guess it is with fluke once again. People fishing the bays are still doing really well with fluke from around the inlets and deeper holes. GULP! on a bucktail is still the way to go but minnows are still catching some of the bigger fluke. Problem now is the throw back ratio is pretty high. I was told it is some where in the 30-50 to 1 in places. Some places there has been some catches of blowfish and kingfish in Barnegat Bay. No word on any sharks this weekend from the bays but I would bet some were caught from around Grassy Channel. Crabbing is doing good now but it still depends on where you are crabbing. I went to one of my spots yesterday after work and had a couple of little ones and that is it. I didn't any body else have any either. Of course I didn't even check the tides I just went to relax a bit and it did it's job.

So by the way the reports came in I would have thought the fluke fishing was going out, out to the ocean, but it seems after talking to some people I know they told me the bays are loaded with bait. This makes us believe that the fluke will hang around but maybe towards the inlet or deeper places in the bays for the cooler water. Why would they want to leave with all the food they could get? Only reason we could think of was if the bay waters get to warm and lately they been pretty cold. So maybe the fluke season in the bays is going to last longer then we thought. Reports from all over, from Absecon Bay, Great Bay, Tuckerton Bay, and Barnegat Bay. GULP! is the ticket but minnows are producing most of the bigger fluke. Squid, spearing, mackerel strips, and bunker are also working. More reports from around the BB and BI buoys that blowfish and kingfish are being caught. FishBites for the kings and clams for the blowfish. Use a hi-lo kingfish rig with FishBites on one hook and clam on the other and fish both types of fish. The snapper blues are getting thick now and it is some thing the kids can have lots of fun with. I talked to someone I know and he is catching some small stripers and weakfish on plugs and grass shrimp out of Barnegat Bay. Sorry, but no locations are known. Crabbing is now going pretty good so it is worth going out and giving it a shot. Most docks and bulkheads it is a couple dozen and up and the boats are half a bushel to full ones if you work hard. I will say that it looks like southern Barnegat is the better place to be right now.

Well with more people fishing there were more reports come in. The bays are not dead yet for fluke. There are still there in good numbers but you have to weed thru the throw backs to get those keepers. I heard of some limits out of the ICW in a bunch of spots. So you still have to be in deeper water by the looks of it. Good places to try is Absecon Inlet, the ICW in Absecon Bay, the clam stakes and ICW in Great Bay, Tuckerton channel, Grassy Channel, Little Egg Harbor area, the middle grounds and ICW of Barnegat Bay, Double and Oyster creek channels and the BB and BI buoys, Barnegat Inlet, Manasquan River, Manasquan Inlet and Shark River are just to name a few. Of course other places are producing fluke as well. It is still GULP! on a bucktail as your best bet but do not rule out minnows, squid, mackerel strips, spearing. or even a bunker chunk. Snapper blues are all over the place in Barnegat Bay smaller hooks with some type of meat or a small metal will do the trick there. Getting a bit more word of blowfish and kingfish showing up now as well. Looks like the summer fish are finally showing up. I also had word that some sand tiger sharks are coming out of some of the bays now as well. Just make sure you have that wire leader. Crabbing has gotten better and a few dozen off the docks and bulkheads is getting to be the norm now. Don't get me wrong some places are still better then others and you just have to find them. Right now it seems the further south you are the better it is. We carry all your crabbing supplies including bait.

Nice and people on the bays fishing. Had a bunch of reports that the fluke bite is there but you have to weed thru the throw backs to get those keepers. It is still a GULP! bite with minnows right there as well. Squid, spearing and mackerel strips are also working. A lot of the reports came from around the Bb and BI buoys in Barnegat Bay but I also had a couple of reports out of Absecon Bay and Great Bay as well. Fish the deeper holes and drop offs in the 14 and deeper range now. Also move towards inlets and fish such places as the Little Egg Harbor area and Double and Oyster creek channels. A few kingfish and blowfish were reported out of Barnegat Bay but they are not there in big numbers as of yet. The snapper blues are all over the place and the kids are having a blast catching them. Crabbing is coming around again and people from docks and bulkheads are doing pretty good now. Boaters are doing much better because they can move around more and some are using 50+ traps to get those bushel baskets full. Don't forget we do carry crabbing supplies as well as bunker.

Much better day yesterday in the afternoon. A lot of people are now fishing the ICW and channels leading towards the inlets and in the inlets for fluke. Yes, it now seems that the bigger fluke are moving out and that is where you need to be now to catch them. Places like Absecon Inlet, the ICW in Absecon Bay, the clam stakes and ICW in Great Bay, Tuckerton channel, Grassy Channel, Little Egg Harbor area, the middle grounds and ICW of Barnegat Bay, Double and Oyster creek channels and the BB and BI buoys, Manasquan River and Shark River are all still producing fluke but some places the keeper ratio is better then others. The bays have slowed a lot compared to the start of the season. Snappers are all over Barnegat Bay now and the kids are having a blast with them. Also a few reports of blowfish and kingfish from the BI and BB buoys as well. I have not heard of any sharks being caught out of Grassy Channel lately but that doesn't mean they are not there. I also had a report that there are some weakfish and stripers also being caught but I wasn't told where. The stripers are shorts but still fun to catch. Now for you crabbers here is some good word, the crabbing is getting pretty good now. Docks and bulkheads it is now a few dozen and boaters it is half a bushel to full bushels but they are working hard for the full bushels.

Not many reports at all because of the weather. I did have a couple that fished some docks and bulkheads and they had a bunch of snappers and some fluke being caught. Today is going to get better as we get into it, but a lot of place down the shore right now it is still raining. Looks like tomorrow is going to be great and maybe we will get some reports in.

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Fresh Water Report:

2014 NJ Freshwater Fishing Regulations Summary (except trout)

You could tell it was a Monday and most people are back to work or on vacation because not too many out fishing. Some reports came in from Lake Assunpink, Stone Tavern, Etra, Conines Millpond, Gropps, RT 130 dam, and Miry Run that bass, crappie, pickerel, sunnies, and catfish were being caught. And of course do not forget about Town Center where as always it was a ton of sunnies, bass, and catfish being caught. Everything you use is working but a lot are now fishing shiners for the bass and pickerel and plastic worms for the bass. Chicken livers, PowerBait nuggets, or frozen shiners for the catfish.

Nice day but with a bit of overcast in the morning made it a very good day for fishing. The reports poured in yesterday from all over the place. I am just going to name a few places because if I named every place I would be here all day and I have thing that need to get done. Lake Assunpink, Stone Tavern, Rising Sun, Perrineville Lake, Etra, Peddie, Conines Millpond, Gropps, Rosedale, RT 130 dam, Miry Run, AMC and a bunch of other ponds and streams had reports of bass, sunnies, pickerel, crappie, catfish, yellow perch, creek chubs, carp, and some bowfin. Town Center had reports of bass, sunnies, and catfish. The Delaware River is doing good with walleye and small mouth from Washington Crossing north and it is mostly catfish with some small and large mouth bass and some carp from Trenton south.

Another very nice day to be fishing. The overcast made the fish want to bite and a lot of reports came in. No list of places today it is just too long. It seems no matter where you fished you caught some thing. Of course the types of fish were just about as long as the places but here we go, bass, sunnies, pickerel, crappie, catfish, yellow perch, creek chubs, carp, bowfin, and even had a couple of reports of a few muskie being caught as well. The Delaware River it was small and large mouth bass, pickerel, walleye, catfish, and some carp were caught. Already had a few in that are headed to the river today. Going to be another nice day to be fishing so get out there and enjoy the day.

Another nice day and people went fishing. The water in a lot of places has cleared up but others are still a tad muddy. Had a bunch of reports from all over but here is a few that I will list Lake Assunpink, Stone Tavern, Rising Sun, Perrineville Lake, Etra, Peddie, Conines Millpond, Gropps, Rosedale, RT 130 dam, Miry Run, AMC and a bunch of other ponds and even some private ponds. Bass, sunnies, pickerel, crappie, catfish, yellow perch, creek chubs, and carp were caught. Spring Lake outside of Trenton had bowfin and a couple of bass caught and Town Center had bass, sunnies, and catfish being caught. Just about anything you use now is working. Most are starting to go to live bait such as shiners to catch the bigger bass, crappie, and pickerel now. Looks like another nice weekend to be fishing.

Nice day and people were out fishing. A lot of places it was coffee colored watered but those who fished live bait and the right colors did pretty good. Reports came in from Lake Assunpink, Stone Tavern, Rising Sun, Etra, Gropps, Rosedale, RT 130 dam, Miry Run, and AMC. First off AMC is very weeded up right now and it is a bit hard to fish, but it and the other places had bass, sunnies, pickerel, crappie, catfish, yellow perch, creek chubs, and carp being caught. Spring Lake outside of Trenton had bowfin reported being caught while Town Center had bass, sunnies, and catfish being caught. I thought yesterday morning was prefect but I was wrong this morning is even better.

After the cloudy a bit humid morning the day turned out to be really nice. Some went fishing in the afternoon and we got reports. First off the water is dis-colored and looks like coffee with cream in some places because of the rain. Some bigger lakes are a bit muddy but not in bad shape. Reports of bass, sunnies, pickerel, crappie, catfish, and some carp being caught from Lake Assunpink, Stone Tavern, Rising Sun, Etra, Gropps, Rosedale, RT 130 dam, and Miry Run. Town Center it was bass, sunnies, and catfish being caught. So this morning is prefect and it isn't suppose to get hot or hunmid so today is going to be a day to go fishing.

A few out fishing yesterday morning before the rains came. After the rain got here it was showers off and on then it was just rain. No reports came back either yesterday. Most likely everything will be muddy and look like coffee today. So it might be best if you took some live bait with you or put some scent on those worms or lures. Looks like as we get into today it is going to get better.

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